Sunday, 24 April 2016

Twenty Five Bookish Facts About Me.

One: Before I buy a book, I check out its rating on Goodreads first. If a book has a score over 4.0 I will probably buy it.

Two: I want to start a Book club or join one but I don’t like the pressure of having to read specifically something.

Three: I prefer paperbacks over hardbacks. Hardbacks look nicer on the bookshelf but paperbacks are easier to carry around and are more comfortable to read.

Four: I have never listened to an audio book.

Five: Believe it or not, I don't have a favorite genre. I like Contemporary Romance, Politics, Biographies, African fiction. I cannot decide which one.

Six: Talking about books on Twitter or basically any other social site is easy. But real life book talk? My brain turns to mush.

Seven: I read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy three times. Christian Grey, hello?

Eight: I never snack or drink while reading a book. Keeping my books in good condition is important to me. Which brings me to my next point.

Nine: I won't lend my books to just anyone. Not if I can help it.

Ten: I don't go to the library. I should support my local library and my bank balance would thank me immensely, but I’m not big fan of borrowing books for some reason.

Eleven: I am obsessed with Book photography, I find it therapeutic to just look at pictures of  bookshelves and books.

Twelve: I am morning reader. The silence, hello? I am usually awake by 5am reading a book.

Thirteen: I take book recommendations seriously. If you recommend a book to me, I will definitely check it out.

Fourteen: I prefer original book covers. I will never buy a book with a movie cover.

Fifteen: We all read for different reasons - reading for me is all about gaining perspective. I love to be taken away by books and encounter people and places I perhaps otherwise wouldn't in my day to day life

Sixteen: Book snobs are a pet peeve of mine..

Seventeen: Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies and Othello are the three books that have influenced the way I see people.

Eighteen:The more I love a book, the harder is it for me to watch the movie adaptation.

Nineteen: Too much description is a turn off for me. Maybe that's why I don't read Science Fiction

Twenty: I would prefer it if people don't lend me their books. I am a mood-reader, I read what I want, when I want to. I would hate to keep someone's book for a year. So please, I know you love your book and you think everyone should read it but please don't lend it to me.

Twenty one: I cannot remember the last time I didn't have anything to read.

Twenty two: I didn't cry when I read the Fault in Our Stars but I sobbed uncontrollably after I read Me Before You.

Twenty three:  I will never read Mills and Moons or any of those cheap, tacky Romance Books. 

Twenty four: I get the worst book hangovers. That feeling of sadness after you finish reading a book and leave a world that you were completely consumed by.

Twenty five: Lastly, I am guilty of judging books by their covers.

Do you have any interesting Bookish Facts about yourself? Please share them in the comment section. I like stuff like that.