Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Girl, You are an ANSWER, not a PROBLEM

Have you ever heard another woman say 'I don't like being around women ?' Well I have heard it a number of times, (infact I am also guilty of saying it  quite often in the past) and the reason that  most women give is 'they just have TOO MUCH DRAMA' 'They gossip' 'They are two-faced' 'they are pretentious' AND 'they are catty' and these comments would usually be followed by praises to the Male species 'Men are straight forward, no pretence', 'They say what they mean and they mean what they say' 'They aren't full of DRAMA' so in essence women perceive men as answers and other women as problems.

I often wonder why can't women just get along though? Why can't we embrace one another? I mean we have so much to offer each other. Who other than a woman can understand what you as a woman go through? Certainly not a man. Women are gifted with a privilege and responsibility that is impossible for any man. We should  be able to build each other, encourage each other, share beauty, health, relationship and fashion tips. There is just so many we can learn from each other.Women are born with a natural purpose of bearing, nurturing, and nursing. That will always be a very special thing. We should openly use our feminine gift. It is meant to stand out and should definitely be allowed to flourish and uplift. Femininity is the epitome of beauty.

From the beginning God created a woman to be answer to be embraced . God created Eve to solve a problem Adam had.  Women were designed to be problem solvers: Ladies let us not allow, cattiness. jealously, insecurities stop us from building  fruiteful relationships. Forgive those women that have gossipped and lied about you and slandered your name and ask forgiveness for the ladies that you have betrayed. Don't allow the past to keep you from BEING an answer/solution to other females. We all have that 'something' that another woman needs. We need to get this right because an attack on gender is an attack on the image of God. There is no need for COMPETITIONS,COMPARISONS, envy and all that. Each of us are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. He has a plan and purpose for each of us, there is an assignment a problem  that we are all here as an answer to. Let us learn to focus on our own lanes and be the girlfriends that we wished we had. I am starting today...

This blogspot was inspired by international Speaker/Pastor, Lisa Bevere's sermon: 'Girl, you an answer, not a problem.

You can also also watch here:

 I am running my own RACE. NO PRESSURE.
I AM AN ANSWER, not  a PROBLEM. My femininity is a SOLUTION, not a PROBLEM.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Inspired by YOU

When I started my blog, I had a clear vision, I wanted to WRITE about my life as a Young Christian, I wanted this blog to be a channel of ENCOURAGEMENT and inspiration but what I didn't anticipate is  that I would also be super encouraged and inspired by so many of you, especailly the FASHION BLOGGERS. I will be honest, I am a jean and 'cute top' kinda girl. I loved fashion but it was something that I loved more on other people then I did for myself. But the more I followed so many of the fashion bloggers the more I fell in love with the idea of style and making it my own. I have been inspired to begin my journey with F.A.S.H.I.O.N because I am to represent Christ the right way, inwardly and outwardly. A proverbs 31 woman should look good right? right!

Most of the time, unbelievers are the ones that are more stylish than believers which in my opinion sucks 'cause I think if Jesus was around he would relevant and present himself well. As young Christian ladies, we should be motivated to dress in a style that coincides with Biblical principles but does that mean we shouldn't wear clothes with flair? Absolutely not! There is a way we can don fashionable garments and still be unpretentious.  One of my favourite bloggers is Style Panty I don't know whether she is a Christian (saved) or not but for me, she dresses SUPER APPROPRIATELY, SUPER STYLISH


I am super excited to begin my journey with F.A.S.H.I.O.N and I am super excited to share it with you guys, I am gonna share pics with you guys. I also plan on doing a couple of features on Christian women that representing Christ well WITH their stylish.

Other bloggers that have really inspired me are:
Oluwasean from http://mystyledexpressions.blogspot.com/
Tomilola Escada from http://theamateurescada.blogspot.com/
Emmanuella  from http://nuellasource.blogspot.com/
SignitureChic from http://signaturechic.blogspot.com/
Shen Dove from http://shendovestyle.blogspot.com/

These are only a few, Thank you ladies... :) So glad I came cross all your blogs