Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My dream Husband

'Where have all the perfect princes gone? Perhaps only tenth of them come to every generation? From an early age I have had a clear picture of my husband-to be.

My ideal husband is a well-groomed man and handsome man. He is a fair in complexion with short hair. He has twinkly brown eyes that glow when he smiles his dazzling smile. His body is slim and toned and not overly muscular. His skin is as soft as a baby's bottom. He has soft, caressing hands that become as soft as steel when he has to protect his loved ones. His short, clean nails are as white as ivory. He does not have to be taller than me, but he has to carry himself well.

More importantly than his appearance though, is his personality. My ideal husband believes in honesty, love, compassion and romance. He is someone I can trust with my life; he is like a light at the end of a tunnel. A sense of humor is essential to cheer me up when I feel isolated and dejected. He will wipe away my tears, calm me down and remain me how much he loves and appreciates me. The man may be a mouse in stature but be a lion in strength. He should fight his own battles and will not mind sacrificing his pride when he really has to. The godly man I am talking about will have patience like a fisher man. He realizes that real men do cry and that real strength comes from within. My dream husband is not afraid to show affection. He does not get his sense of worth from the money in his bank account.
Still, my dream husband is quick-witted and successful- perhaps the CEO of a company. A trust worthy husband, he remembers his values and does not discard his ethics at the door of success. He does not sign reports he knows are untrue, does not conceal. In the boardroom he shows discretion and the ability to compromise.
I considerate husband knows the needs the support of his parents, spouse, siblings and children. At home he can mend, cook and clean. He even knows his way around the supermarket aisles. He is generous, respectful and caring man that I can bring home to my parents. He is disciplined and obeys the first commandment with a promise: 'Honor your father and mother.’ He is a well-respected member of the community and he comes from a righteous family. He has a good name- like scripture says: his ‘name is like perfume poured out.’
We all consider ourselves to be princesses. It is worthwhile for a true princess to wait patiently for your prince to sweep you off your feet- to love you and cherish you, to make you feel pretty and praiseworthy.'

This has got to be one of my favorite FAVOURITE things I have ever written. It was actually an essay which I wrote back in high school about my dream husband. As you can see the standards are pretty high,some things have changed though like the physical appearance cause I was actually describing someone LOL but most things have stayed the same. I wrote this article while I was at my best but over the years I have made mistakes. Does that mean I deserve less? NO! My past is irrelevant, that is the beauty of grace it makes life not fair.


  1. I actually have something like this in my Journal; it's very personal too :) Thanks for sharing!

    I've been meaning to ask; do you have any form of contact or social network to keep in touch with you?

    1. :) Awww... I wish I could read it, I am nosy like that! lol... :)

  2. My actual boyfriend has many features of my dream husband, it's embarassing to admit it but yes maybe that's why I'm so in love haha anyway I really enjoyed reading this post you could easily write a book do you know that? You have a gift when it comes to write things!

    1. haha... :) I have seen your love post, you are so in love girl-LOVE IT!! :)I wish you guys all the best!!!

      Thank you :)

  3. That was a truly awesome essay!
    Thank you for posting this.
    I too, have my own little 'list'. It comes in handy for weeding out people whom I question. If you know what I mean. :)

    1. :)Thank you Haley

      I know that you mean, I do the same. It is super imporatnt to have standard :)

  4. I think as girls we all have that "dream man" list... I wrote mine back in college, and while I dated guys that didn't fit my description.... When I met my husband, I was searching for that list like crazy, and EVERY SINGLE bullet point was checked off with my husband. I was like WHATTTTTTTTTT this is crazy! The Lord blessed me with my dream man! :)

    XO Lori

    1. WOW!!!! God is so GOOD!! HAPPY FOR YOU :) I can see he really makes you happy!

    2. I don't mean to pry.... but what an amazing testiment Lori! God is so faithful.

      Thank you Cindy for such a well-written and challenging post. I think we all, as typical love-seeking women, have a "list" our what we want to find in a future mate....

      I wanted to share with you some thing that a reader of mine posted on my blog post on a similar subject:

      "King Solomon also spoke about a virtuous man too. Unfortunately, it's not taught or emphasized often.

      He can appreciate constructive criticism. Pro 9:8
      Instruction makes him wiser, and he increases his learning. Pro 9:9
      He listens to counsel. Pro 12:15
      He has wise friends and acquaintances. Proverbs 13:20
      He leaves an inheritance to his children's children. Proverbs 13:22
      He considers his steps. Pro 14:15
      He is cautious and turns away from evil. Pro 14:16
      He walks in integrity. Proverbs 20:7
      He is strong, knowledgeable and increases power. Pro 24:5
      He controls his temper. Pro 29:11
      His words are gracious. Ec 10:12
      His countenance has been softened by wisdom. Ec 8:1"

    3. wow Broke, I totally missed this comment. I hope you will see my response.

      Thank you for those sriptures, I appreciate your comment :)

  5. Hiyaa Bubba! **clears Throat and Adjusts Invisible Agbada's Sleeve.. You know ehhnn! I was almost waving from the Colders side eh.. **Screaming See me here oh! It is i oh!! heheh The future Husband ya looking for... See me here ehh! But then I nah came and went and come and goan read "CEO".. Mehnnnn.. My FlaBBer was immediately gasted and i jejely Humbly respected my self and brought my Hands down.. hehehe Pretty High Standards you have there eh!

    You know what Nne.. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows her worth.. So yeah! You just got a new Follower. This was an OsheY turn uP Kinda read.. Thanks for sharing. xx

    P.S: Thanks for coming by the Young and Confused Gang.. I dunno how you understood our Craziness eh!! But it felt good to meet someone new. xx Blessings Cindy.


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