Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Letter to my 16 year old self :)

Dear 16 year old me.
Greetings from the future, I have a few things I need to tell you. Some you will want to hear (God has great plans for your life) and some you will not want to hear (you have verbal diarrhea) but these are the things I think you would want to know. I don't know where to begin though, you have been so brainwashed...

Discover the God of your being
I know you are on fire for God and sometimes it feels like you are the only one but don't let that stop you from following Christ. Don't be hesitant or ashamed to serve God boldly and ignore those people that think that you are taking this 'Jesus thing' too seriously. You will soon learn that the very same people that insist on making a mockery of your love for Christ are the first people that will run to you for prayers when they have problems. It is so critical that you develop a relationship with God. Your confidence and identity lies in Him. When you are not confident with who you are in Him it creates a sense of insecurity/instability in other areas. This uncertainty that you have about who you are in Him can create jealousy of others, this causes you to discredit what God is doing in your life and accuse Him of being unfair. Listen, God has plans for you. You were carefully and intentionally designed with a specific purpose in mind. It's so important that you sit at His feet and seek Him whole-heartedly to get to that purpose.
 Your attitude matters
 Cindy I know you think you have to say everything you are thinking but trust me, your opinion doesn’t always matter. Stop being be such a mean girl or rather calling 'a spade a spade' as you like to call it. It’s great to be honest and all but learn to be sensitive towards other people's feelings. You haven't made an effort to be nice to others and you take every chance to show that you know better. No one likes a ‘know it all’ so stop being such a 'know it all' and actually treat others like you want to be treated. Love a lot cause it turns out that love is pretty darn important, it’s the one emotion at the root of all things- even hate stems from love.
Speaking of LOVE
Those love affairs you see on TV and movies have brainwashed you. Get those thoughts out of your mind; you are nowhere near emotionally ready for a relationship. Get to know yourself in Christ first; Matthew 6v33 says we should seek first the Kingdom of God. I want you to study word for word how God sees you and I want you to begin to see yourself that way, you will be AMAZED to see how highly God thinks of you. Before you can get into a relationship you need to know your value, YOUR VALUE comes from God and God alone. There are so many things that God wants to teach you about love, TRUE LOVE, his love, how he purposed it to be between a man and a woman but He cannot do that if when you have all these distractions.  So put guys aside for a long while and focus on your relationship with God. Don't allow yourself to get into unnecessary emotional relationships in other words; don't DATE JUST FOR FUN that is not God's desire.

Relationships can go so many unexpected directions and to be honest before you date someone you can say you are dating just for fun all you want but the minute you are in that relationship you will have little control over what your heart feels. Proverbs 4:23 says, "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.". Engrave this scripture in your heart it, it will help you to choose your battles in the future as well, it is so important; it tells us to GUARD OUR HEARTS, protect it, shield your heart and spirit from that which is not of God., don’t let any Tom, Dick and Harry get a hold of it, keep it pure and in this case the best way to guard your heart is to avoid dating for fun. God did not intend for you to go  'falling in love' with every cute guy that comes your way, there is one guy out there who YOU should marry and there are a lot of guys YOU shouldn't. There will always be boys around you, but it's your job with God's help to filter through to meet MEN. Men who understand what it means to love God with all their heart because my darling, IF HE DOES NOT LOVE GOD, HE CANNOT LOVE YOU.
Remember this: We date because we see potential for marriage.
About your friendships
Love your friends, but don’t be sad if they drift away in the coming years. You will meet many more new friends at every stage of your life. Some of the old friends will come around again in surprising ways, and then before you know it, the new friends will be old ones too. Cherish the rich pageant of people you meet.
Just the way you are
If you ignore everything else in this letter, I want you to know this: You are just fine as you are, never try to change yourself for anyone or anything.

I Love you.
Older and much wiser you.
P.S About those blemishes, they will go away, it's just a phase. I know you think that is a cliche but trust me it will get better (strus bob), you are going to use a couple of wrong products for your face and it is going to get worse before it gets better BUT rest assured it will get better. Whenever you feel less pretty don't spend time in front of the mirror counting what is wrong, rather spend time in the mirror counting what is RIGHT, Nothing negative should come out of your mouth about yourself.
: Here is a picture of your face in a couple of years, NO PIMPLES, NO BLEMISHES, NO BLACKHEADS (and no, you don't have make up on):


  1. I loved this post.I definitely know exactly how you feel when you said that you feel that your the only one on fire for the Lord. That's exactly how I feel. It's like I'm the only one that's taking serving the Lord serious. But the Lord has given me a mind to keep on keeping on :).

    1. Thank you Jasmine. You are not, it is actually a common feeling that Christians have. :) Keep on keeping on!!

  2. Such a cool post, love it :)

  3. I awarded you over at my blog!
    God bless!

  4. hey :)
    I first found you because you shared your testimony on Haley's blog - I thought yours was an amazing story :) And now I've come across you again, just randomly searching while eating my dinner ;)

    Your paragraph on Love is really what I needed to here - to guard my heart and let my relationship with God come first, for He is most important. This topic has really been on my mind these past few days, and I was hanging on to your every word - all I could think was "wow" and "what's the next line going to say". (!) God's used you to put me back in the right direction, steer me back to the right path - returning to Him, the Good Shepherd. Thankyou very much :)

    May I ask that you pray for me? For me and my steady boyfriend who are both Christians but are having difficulty with self control. Please pray that our relationships with the Lord will be strengthened and that He will make the right way clear to us. Thankyou ever so much.

    God is so powerful, I am simply amazed by the ways He works.
    Thinking and praying for you,
    Hannah :)

    1. Hey there Hannah. WOW this made me so happy, I am so thankful that the Lord used me reach out to you! I give Him all the GLORY!!

      I wish you and your boyfriend all the best, May your relationship bring you both closer to Christ!! God is the most important thing so do put Him first in all that you do, without Him we are all nothing.

      Praying for you Hannah!! God bless you staxxx I hope we can keep in touch so that I can 'hear' how things are between you and your boyfriend. :)

    2. hey :)

      Thankyou for all your prayers, at certain points during last week it just felt like I was wrapped in God's Love, I felt utterly calm and comforted.

      However, I feel I have to tell you how not all things ran smoothly. Me and my boyfriend kind of found ourselves in difficult/tempting circumstances once again. Ever since finding your blog last week I had been reminding myself how nothing was going to happen the next time me and my boyfriend met up, praying to God, trying to push the sinful desires out of my mind... But when the time came when I finally got to see him again I completely forgot all of this. Well, I didn't because I firmly stated to him right at the beginning of our time together that we were going to be good and he agreed with me. Yet we didn't manage to stand firm in this resolution... something I am ashamed to admit. I know I am not alone in feeling bad.

      I have already have ideas in place for next Sunday such as actually bringing out the bible and looking together at certain bible verses, like James 1: 12-18, if a situation starts to pick up. And of course stuff like staying outside and out of my bedroom as much as possible. Is this the right way to go about things? Any advice or wisdom on such matters?

      I have been trying to put God first in other stuff too - remembering your wise words;) - and I thank God for helping me to realise different things :) :) :)

      I hope your life is going ok, praying for you too :) I am very grateful that you are here.

      Hannah :)

      p.s. I realise this is quite a lot of information I've confided. Yet I don't mind sharing. I hope that my situation and the love that you've already shown for me can show others they are not alone in their battle with temptation. Nothing is ever a coincidence, it just shows the astounding ways in which God works.

    3. Hey Hannah, I am SUPER GLAD that you feel comfortable about talking about this because we all know that talking does help and I feel honoured that God is using me to reach out to you! It really makes me happy... :)

      Yes it is the right way but you can still do more to keep yourselves out of compromising situations. You can avoid spending time in the same room (as you said) but be more intentional about it like don't allow him to come to your room or house when there is no one around. If you guys want to spend time quality time together do it at the PARK or somewhere where there will be people around but it can still be the two of you. Write down all the things that trigger those 'desires' and avoid those situtions and distract yourself with other activities

      Yes,definitely do pray together but tell someone as well (like your youth pastor), accountability is very helpful. One of my friends was in a similar situaltion and accountability was one of the things that help her and her man the most.

      My life is going well thanks :) You can also e-mail me if you want further advice or just someone to talk to:

      I am proud of you for desiring to do things God's way, I pray you will go from strength to strength and you will not give up.:) :)

      Love you xox

    4. hey :) Thankyou for your speedy response, it's really touched me - and of course the content has as well ;)

      :) Thankyou for your advice: sometimes you know what you need to do but won't actually do it until someone else tells you to - (hehe). The park! We got to know each other through long afternoons in the park so it holds special memories for us. (Sorry, that sounds so cheesy). And as luck would have it (or God's plans), the weather is forecast to be very good this weekend - 21'c, and sun :D (I live in England, where the rain clouds like to congregate). Sooo, I have just texted my bf to let him know we are having a picnic after church ;)

      Your writing down idea is very good, I'm a visual person and I think this technique would be really helpful. I will definitely try this :)

      I will keep an eye out for an opportunity to tell someone at church. And suggest this idea to my boyfriend. This makes me feel a little nervous but I know that you are looking out for us and wanting the best for our relationship together and with God. (Which makes me feel so loved). I'm glad this type of action worked for your friend :)

      I will tell you all what happens this weekend :).

      I'm glad you're ok :) :) I've really enjoyed reading all of your other articles/posts on your blog:) I like your fashion posts, very interesting :)

      I will note down your email address, just in case something major happens and I need your sisterly comfort and advice. Thankyou. For your prayers as well.

      You're an inspiration, I pray God will continue to bless you and the relationship you have with Him will grow ever stronger.


  5. lol it doesn't sound 'cheesy'. Cute is the word that I would use.

    It is only natural that you feel nervous, I would too 'cause I am a private person but I know that it is wise to talk to atleast one person that I find wise cause not everyone will give you (or me) good advice. Definitely, talk to your boyfriend about it as well, that is a good idea.

    I am glad you enjoy my blog, if you have any suggestions you can e-mail me as well :)Thank you for reaching out :)

    xox PRAYING FOR YOU :)

    1. hello again :) Hope you've had a nice weekend.

      I am feeling good, yesterday me and my boyfriend actually went into town rather than the park after church, and had a really nice time. Then we went to the evening service where we listened to a great sermon. This obviously kept us out all day long :) We didn't really have many opportunities to talk about serious stuff but I think there will be plenty of time this week though.

      A huge huge Thankyou to you!!! I praise God as well :) I know things aren't over, but I have been encouraged by this recent turn of events and am trying my best to stick as closely to God, to keep on holding His hand.

      All my love and prayers,

    2. LOTS OF LOVE RIGHT right back to you!!! :):)

  6. Aww, this was sweet! Nice advise to yourself! Don't we wish we'd actually read these at 16? Glory be to God that we know now some things we didn't know then! May He continue to give us knowledge and understanding about Him. And wisdom about this world! Blessings, Funto.

    Tell the World

  7. lol... yeah, I do wish but everything has a purpose and time!! :)


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