Tuesday, 1 May 2012

See yourself the WAY God sees you.

Hi my name is Cindy and The Lord Most High deemed me worthy of the GREATEST love, the GREATEST happiness, the GREATEST peace, the GREATEST truth.  I am LOVED with the GREATEST love.

I have never quite thought about it but has it ever occured to you that you have a relationship with yourself?  We spend most of our time with ourselves so it is vital that we get along with ourselves. You are like the one person that you can not escape from haha. It is vital that we love ourselves and accept ourselves, now I am not saying this in a selfish, self-centred manner. I am saying this in a Godly manner. We must love ourselves in that kind of love that says: 'I know that God loves me, so I will love what God chooses to love'. We can love ourselves by knowing who we are in Christ.

Whether you believe it or not, much of your happiness in life depends on how you think God sees you. Sadly, many of us have a wrong idea of God's opinion of us. We base it on what we've been taught, our bad experiences in life, and many other assumptions. We may think God is disappointed in us or that we'll never measure up. We may even believe God is angry with us because try as we might, we can't stop sinning.
But if we want to know the truth, we need to go to the source: God himself.  God tells you how he sees you in his personal message to his followers, THE BIBLE. What you can learn in those pages about what He thinks of you is nothing short of amazing.

GOD IS CRAZY ABOUT YOU however it doesn't help that I can tell you what God thinks about you, God has love letters in a form of a book just for you called the bible and that is where you can find out  EXACTLY what he wants you to know for sure.

I love playing with 'my' hair

Everything formed by the hands of the Most High is marvelous all on its own. God’s creations do not need any additions to be perfect - they already are, simply because HE created them. God created ME. I do not need any additions to be perfect - I am already perfect, simply because HE created me. Only what Christ thinks of me matters.

‘If I didn’t define myself for myself, I WOULD have crunched into other people’s
                   fantasies for me and eaten alive’ Audre Lorde.
Outfit description: RED TANK TOP// DEMIN SKIRT// BROWN SANDALS // and my favourite necklace


  1. Thank you for the kind words at my blog.
    I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

    You are so beautiful, esp when you smile :)

  2. :) Awww... I meant every word!! and thank you... I do love smiling!!

  3. Thank you for this post I was really in need of something like this. Thank you for taking your time to share such motivating and inspiring words! I agree you're very beautiful when you smile :)

    Love from Ivory Coast

    1. Thank you Emma!!! I am glad you read it then :)...


    2. Thank you Emma!!! I am glad you read it then :)...


  4. You look lovely in the pictures! And such a sweet post!

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