Wednesday, 9 May 2012

'God, what are you doing?'

Singleness can sometimes cause you to wonder: 'God, what are you doing?'  During this season I have learnt some MAJOR lessons through spending time with God and really paying attention to what He wants me to know about every season of my life. Anyway here are some of the things God has been teaching me about this SEASON:

I am teaching you to SUBMIT to your future husband
I know that when I do get married, submitting to my husband will NOT be a strange concept to me because as a single woman I am learning to be submissive to God.  I have realised that submitting to God prepares to submit to my future husband. And for the guys, sumbitting to God while they are single helps them to prepare to become great leaders (husbands).

I am teaching you to COMMUNICATE with your husband
The single season of your life is a great time to perfect yourself and your relationship skills. One doesn’t just snap into being a great communicator and problem solver. Years of working issues out with family, friends and in the ministry are all preparation for the great test of living with someone in a committed relationship. Now is the time to nurture good habits personally, domestically, financially and professionally. Now is not the time to fall down on the job of life. Be the best that you can be and that way you are sure to be a gift, not just to your husband, but to all that encounter you.

I'm teaching you to become COMPASSIONATE and LOVING towards others.
I am learning to love with the Corinthians 13 kinda love
Love is patient. Love is Kind. Love does not keep a record of wrong. Love bears all things. If is was not for God, I would still think that is it okay to point out people's mistakes as if I am perfect. It is safe to say I will be a compassion and loving wife.

I am teaching you to KNOW me
God has directed my heart to get to know Him better and that is what I am doing to and I am really amazed at how much He has teaching me ever since I decided to draw near to Him. The following scripture is so true

James 8:8a “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”
God is such a gentleman, He will never force Himself on us, he wants us to invite Him then only will he come. Knowing God and His heart prepares me to be a GREAT girlfriend and wife. It prepares me to be that great WOMAN OF GOD that I so desire to become.

I am teaching you to TRUST me
Without a 'boo' to call whenever I go through something, I have learned to trust God first above anything. Trusting God has become such a favouite thing to do. I have learnt to put my trust in my FATHER first.

I am teaching you to first look for me in everything.
Just because I am single it does not mean I do not have guys hitting on me and trying to make moves. I do and God has been giving me the spirit of discernment. He is teaching me what to look for in a guy (when the guy does the approaching ofcouse-NOT ME). I am so after God in everything that I do, all these guys that are not passionate about God should really just MOVE along 'cause I am all about God and putting Him first

I am teaching you to be CONTENT in me alone and know where your VALUE comes from.
Any guy that comes in my life will not complete me, they will COMPLIMENT me because I know my value comes from God, my inner peace comes from God and God alone.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thy own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6


  1. wow! Cindy! very true indeed. i loved every point and i agree totally with each of these points. put him first, love him first, honor him first...just be centered on him always. thanks for sharing and blessed is the man that finds you.xx

    1. Thank you and I AM glad you share the same sentiments :)

      Have a great weekend... Uduak!!!

  2. What a beautiful list Cindy.

    God is so faithful...I feel blessed and inspired by reading your list.
    It's wonderful to see the different things that God is teaching you during this season in your life - emphasis on "season"! It will not last forever!

    Thanks for your beautiful words.

    1. Thank you for inspiring me to write this Brooke. I FELT the same way when I read your list :)

  3. hey cee, youve been tagged. check it out here..

    1. Hey... I cannot seem to comment on your blog :( I hope you will see this. Thank you for the tag but I already did the 11 tag.... next time?

  4. wow!!!!....this is so WOW!!!...cos u seem to have said it all. you are like a mouthpiece for the single ladies in this generation or rather God's instrument or mouthpiece, not ashamed to stand for Christ!
    a job well done Cindy!!

    1. Thank you, that is so encouraging!!! YESSS! I am not ASHAMED to stand for CHRIST, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.... :)Love Him so very much!

  5. Great post! Check out my blog, if you like we can follow each other!

    1. Thank you Abby!... will follow you ;) great blog!!


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