Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Note to Self: People matter

I am a self proclaimed workaholic.
Give me tasks to do, goals to complete, and dreams to accomplish and I'm happy as a lark.  Force me to spend time with people when I've got a full plate of goals and ambitions?  I'll be miserable...

I love people, I really do... but the introvert in me will gladly take a book over small talk.  I suppose it's why I need rest if I'm to enjoy the people around me.  Rest takes time...

I took today as a day of rest.  After reading, tackling goals, and reading some more, I found myself ready for a walk with a friend.  The entire day consisted of resting, relaxing, and spending quality time with people.  This must be what a simpler life feels like.

My life has never been simple.  My natural state is always working, always moving, always striving to be something more... it's hard to slow down, even when my body says 'enough'.  Every minute lost is a minute that could have been spent doing something... I've never been good at the art of 'being'.

As I look back on my youth, I realise this is a learnt trait.  From childhood my parents always emphasised the importance of work over playing. Now that I am older, I see the tables turned... I don't do well making time for the people I love.

I need to unlearn what I've learnt, to remember that relationships matter more than anything.  I can give God all of my work and my service, but unless I know Him and trust Him, my work is meaningless.  Trust comes with relationship.

If I'm to build a rapport with the people I mentor and love, I need to be available.  This means setting aside time for others and for myself... learning to rest, learning, to give, and learning to be.


  1. Hi Cindy, your blog has been listed at :)

    1. Hey there Bonnie :) Thank you so much.... *SMILING AT YOU*

  2. Hello, I'm new to and found your blog on Its interesting because in many ways I am VERY shy and normally it will take a year to really get to know me. lol (well thats face to face, over the internet it might be a lil sooner).
    Anyways I just found that i can relate to your post. Besides being shy I find myself having to rest a lot. I mean, socializing is tough work! :) But indeed remembering our Father in Heaven loves people can maybe help us socialize more and even shine that Light within us more.

    If you have a chance, check out my blog:

    1. Hey Simplicity!!! wow I love your blog!!! definitely gonna follow you :)

      I love what you said in your comment: 'remembering our Father in Heaven loves people can maybe help us socialize more and even shine that Light within us more.' That is true, we should let Daddy (God) do the work in us!!

      Thanks for commenting...


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