Saturday, 24 December 2011

Note to Self: You can really change the world one person at a time

These past months have been extremely eye-opening and life changing. While it has been busy and filled with exciting things, the impact has really hit home in my heart and I am pretty sure that I will never be the same again. Three months ago our church had it's annual conference called 'Dream week', where some of the best speakers come for a WHOLE WEEK  to share the word with us.

THE conference changed my life in ways that I did not image that it would. I now see Christianity in a whole different way and that totally changed me. God truly dealt with me in areas that  I was not even being honest about, one of those areas is GIVING, to be honest I have never been much of a giver because I have been living under this mentality that the poor will always be with us and just forgot the immense difference that I can make. Yeah I have always been a tither and made financial contributions here and there but that was it, I knew my heart was selfish - I cared about my life and the people in it.


During the preaching of Pastors Don Phillips and Peter Pretorius God really broke my heart, made me see that the world doesn't revolve around me and began to give me a heart for people. There after I also began praying against the spirit of SELFISHNESS. I prayed cause I wanted the desire to genuinely care about people, those without rights, without the means to accomplish their dreams.  I wanted to care about teens and children... even if I didn't understand them.  I knew that they were vulnerable to a world that wants to corrupt them.  I wanted to care about their future.
Yes by all means I do have a desire and a passion to see people saved and and living thier lives for Christ but that is not enough. People can come to church poor but they cannot be in the Church of Jesus Christ and stay poor, it doesn't make sense! If Jesus was around he would NOT JUST be having alter calls, getting people saved. He would be caring for people's PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL needs, He would be clothing and feeding the less fortunate. 

Poverty is Poverty, it is wrong and we cannot spiritualize it as 'a season' and it needs the church to intervene and before you start thinking of the church as other people, do not! We are the church, the born again Christians,(YOU+ME)! The blessings we have are not for ourselves, we are blessed to be a blessing.  I am encouraged to do so much more for the Kingdom ONE PERSON AT A TIME!

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