Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I want a tattoo! Personally I have never been much of a tattoo person because of the connotation around them plus I have never really understood why a person would want something permanently drawn to them I actually still don't, I really loath symbolic, Chinese, dragon,or and photo tattoos. Like REALLY loath them. But one thing I love is words. I've always loved words and I have often said that words are my life. So the idea of having my favourite quote or saying or even a scripture permanently on my body does not turn me off at all. The tricky part is choosing the best quote and where I want to have it, I want it small and easily hidden because tattoo's are not really helpful when it comes to getting a employment. I also want something that I will not have to explain all the time, I love simple quotes with a powerful message in any way. Here are some of tattoos that I found myself liking:

I love this one, it's a pretty dope scriptural quote but I would have to be established career wise to have it but I think I love it more on his hands.


O.M.G I love the position of this tattoo beautiful feet as well but I am not so sure about the quote itself, I cannot help but to feel that the could have been a better way of saying the same thing. It also looks like it looks best on light in complexion people.

I love the position as well, something I can look at every morning when I get dressed. If I put my tattoo somewhere else, I can put a second tattoo here.


I love the message and where it is. I just how it will look after pregnancy, all the stretching. Hmm... It looks great on a plat stomach!!


I love the message, it could have looked better without those stars though. Not a good enough quote for me though


I love LOVE everything about this except the wrist. Love it on her, I want something I can easily hide.

You should get the picture of what I would like to get by now. It is pretty similar stuff

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