Saturday, 29 October 2011

Things do happen

You invest time and money in a career, spending most of the time studying and using most of your parent’s money and at the end you just couldn’t make it, until you’re chased out of the institution.
Maybe you had the capacity to make it, you pass your grade 12 with flying colours and at the end you don’t have money to go further your studies, yes you applied for bursaries and organisation so that the can finance you but you never get a respond until you gave up on education.
Maybe you’re a good person and you got yourself a partner, you loved like crazy and you tried your best to do it right and just discovered that your partner is cheating.
Maybe you grow up in church, attending conferences and it was either you’re on your way to church, in church or from church but things are not working out for you.
Maybe something happened that took away your dignity, nobody respects you and you feel like the whole world know what happened.
Maybe your sitting down or you don’t sleep at night asking yourself thee question “WHY ME?”
I don’t know why things happen to people but I just want to quote verses that I think can help some of us.
-          Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is God purpose that will prevail.
-          God says my plan for you is to prosper you.
-          Everything works together for good to those who loves the Lord.
-          The just shall live by faith.
In conclusion let me say always hope for good, when life turns you off don stay in the dark, turn yourself on. Dust yourself off, put a new fresh attitude and try again.

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