Monday, 12 September 2011

Relationship deal breakers: the things we see but choose to ignore

So ‘I’ and I have been getting to know one another a lot for the past weeks and it has become official, we will not be entering into a relationship. There were just too many deal breakers. Deal breakers are those things which we all happen to come across but we choose to ignore because we hope that the positive will outweigh the not-so-positive. Deal breakers are those things that will make you hate yourself for dating someone or staying with them because you did know things could have been different if you didn't ignore them. They are actually a part of knowing yourself, I have them that is why I was able to stop myself from going into a wrong relationship. It is not really a list that I have; it is just characteristics that have become apparent over the years that I do not like. Everyone actually has them and they differ from individual to individual, some people have ridiculous deal breakers though like not dating someone because they don’t have a car, really now that is too shallow. We can’t critic someone based on where they are in their live, I say: LADIES BE THE CHEER LEADER OF YOUR MAN’S DREAM, he might surprise you in the future that is if he has any sense of ambition and the willingness to achieve his dreams. Or if they litter (which also drives me insane), but why break up with someone because they litter when you can just explain to him/her that you have major issues with it. I decided to write a couple of my own I am not going to get into the obvious like cheating, abusive, in a relationship with someone, controlling, lying omitting important information etc. nope, I am talking about things that make me cringe. I am also going to include a few of the deal breakers between myself and ‘I’ not all.
When will I declare myself out...           
1 If I have to go against, make it my vocation to show and say over and over what my boundaries are then clearly the guy doesn’t respect my values- DEAL BREAKER!

2 No passion in his life- DEAL BREAKER!

3 References to my body- TURN OFF! Like calling my behind an ‘ASS’.

4 If the following questions come up while I am getting to know a guy then it is a definite DEAL BREAKER, I call them pervert questions!
What color underwear are you wearing?
How do you kiss (you would be surprised)
What do you wear to bed?
What turns you on?

5 Religious difference- DEAL BREAKER! Apostle Paul is pretty clear on this one in 2 Corinthians 6:14

6 Negative and complaining A LOT- TURN OFF! Been there, done that, worn the T-shirt, not going back.

7  Lack of Hygiene- TURN OFF!

8  Disrespecting women in general- DEAL BREAKER!

9 If I find myself saying ‘it is okay’ too often when I know it really isn’t- DEAL BREAKER!

10 If he can’t manage his time or rather can’t make time for me-TURN OFF! If someone wants to be a part of your life, they will make the time.

11 If he wants to spend every second with me- TURN OFF! Get a life!

12 No respect for adults-DEAL BRAKER!

And those are my deal breakers, the things that will ensure that I sprint...

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