Friday, 9 September 2011

Dating the Christian way

Recently I have been thinking a lot about dating again, sooner or later that time will come again when I will like a guy again and we will probably date but now the thing that has been boggling my mind is dating the Christian way, how does one date in such a way that it honors God? All along I have thought I have mastered God's plan for my life: I was to enjoy my singlehood, allow God to really consume me and truly allow him to be the center then when the time is right God would usher Mr. right into my life and he would be that guy that I would date the Christian way with. But today it finally hit me that I do not know as much as I thought I did.

Here is what’s happening now; I have been taking to this really nice guy that is involved at church who has already let me know that he does like me and even though I do like him as well I do not think that is a good enough reason to date someone so in the mean time we decided to get to know one another more. To be honest the fact that I am pondering so much about whether or not I should give us a chance does tell him that should not because I have always imagined that when I meet the one I would not be confused, like it says in confusing is not from God. Nonetheless I am still praying about this, I pray that God will shut down the walls if it is not his will, there is absolutely nothing good for my outside the will of God-that I know for sure!

Now back to the main point. I thought that by taking off two years from dating I had conquered the inevitable- the weakness of the flesh and have learnt enough in my singlehood but clearly I thought wrong. I need a million questions answered before I can get into a relationship, questions about boundaries, yes I know sex before marriage is a NO NO but then what limits should my guy and I set for ourselves as we decide to wait? I am told to be real and meet the guy half way- if I say no to sex I should at least be willing to kiss the guy- right wrong? Kissing always leads to more and more…. So what is a young Christian woman to do as she prepares herself for marriage? Well… that is what I plan to undertaking, finding out how to date the Christian way

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