Friday, 29 July 2011

My Jesus reigns....

Jesus Culture has fast become one of my ultimate favourite Christian bands! Currently ' Jesus reigns' is my favourite song of theirs. I first heard this one at church, at the Pentecost service and I fell in love with it instantly! I am listening to it as I type this blog and I just feel like stopping and worshipping my Jesus, mind you I am at the computer lab on campus so that will definitely scare off a couple of people. LOL!! I guess I get so overwhelmed when I here this song because I am well aware of the freedom that I posses because I have Jesus in my life!Jesus has really given me a new outlook on life; He's changed my heart and changed me. I've surrendered to Him and in that surrendering there is so much joy. He's lifted so many burdens of my back and held me in His loving arms. I feel so alive lately; so full of His spirit and power. I am surrounded and overwhelmed by His love. I do not know any other way to repay him but to offer my life completely to him!
This song speaks so much truth, when Jesus comes in your life freedom also comes, FREEDOM in abundance!


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